Two strange UFOs were seen flying over the surface of the Moon in this Super Moon video.

The film appears to have been screened at Live Leak solely for the purpose of recording the “Super Moon”. However, as they did so, witnesses spotted two objects casting a shadow on the Moon’s surface.

What do eyewitnesses have to say about this?

One of the witnesses said he had no idea what the object was passing over the Moon and projecting its shadow. He also stated that he only decided to film the Supermoon after seeing the anomaly.

Is there a reasonable explanation for this?

Zooming in too far on the Moon’s surface causes everything near the camera lens to blur.

A satellite above Earth’s atmosphere or a lunar probe in orbit around the Moon, on the other hand, are not out of the question.

Super Moon sightings in other locations

Rich, from LooknowTV, made a video in which he investigates images taken on the night of the Super Moon.

The description of the video on YouTube read:

“The 5 Best SUPER MOON UFO Sightings Caught on Camera!” A few days ago, everyone was shooting a Supermoon video. I wanted to see some of the most credible Supermoon UFO footage. I also wanted to talk about the UFO Supermoon movie, which quickly went viral thanks to tabloid coverage online. The narrator exclaims, “Let’s take a closer look!”


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