Sharp footage of real UFOs with aliens – this is the anti-gravity force field in action

Most people have no idea what they are seeing. I’m not sure what alien species we’re dealing with here, but it could be the Grays from the Zeta star systems. This is the antigravity force field in action; the electric field motor can be heard turning.

When the field rpm reached a certain level, Gray applied a DC voltage charge to the tubular capacitors above the rotating Thorus field.

The higher the tension, the faster the takeoff! On takeoff, a small explosion of plasma from the aircraft carrier can be observed. In an antigravity force field, charged plasma ionized air is suspended. In our atmosphere, these incredible craft can fly at speeds of up to 30,000 miles per hour.

The grays were possibly aware that they had been noticed and weren’t sure how we, as primitive creatures, would respond.

We are delusional if we believe that Earth is the only world in the Universe with life. Not only are we not alone, but several alien species are currently residing among us. Others wish to take our place, while others are helping us with our transition to stage 2 civilization.


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