Leaked audio shows that Albert Einstein investigated the Roswell UFO

Albert Einstein was a German-American physicist and arguably the most brilliant mind of the 20th century.

He became famous for his theory of relativity, a cornerstone of modern physics that describes the dynamics of light and extremely massive entities, as well as his work in quantum mechanics, which focuses on the subatomic realm.

But what a lot of people don’t know is that he gave his opinion about extraterrestrial life.

There are many reasons to believe that Mars and other planets are inhabited.”

said Einstein in an interview with the London Daily Mail in 1920.

Why should Earth be the only planet that supports human life? It is not unique in any other way. But if intelligent creatures exist, as we can presume they do elsewhere in the universe, they should not be expected to try to communicate with Earth by radio.”

Throughout his life, Einstein did not delve into intelligent life on other planets, but some believe he knew more than he was saying…

And it appears to be the case, as in a recently discovered recording of an interview conducted nearly 30 years ago, a former assistant to Albert Einstein claimed that the famed scientist personally examined the remains of the Roswell crash, including the alien occupants of the crashed spacecraft. .

Einstein’s Aliens

Renowned UFO researcher Anthony Bragalia uncovered a shocking revelation when he tracked down ufologist Sheila Franklin, who interviewed Dr. Shirley Wright in 1993 about her time working with Einstein in the summer of 1947.

Shirley Wright had two PhDs – one in Chemistry and one in Physical Sciences. She led a good and productive life.

Fortunately, Franklin still had the tapes of her conversation with her former assistant and what she told the ufologist was nothing short of astonishing.

A new article posted by Bragalia on the  UFO Explorations blog  talks about Wright’s first contact with Einstein and what happened next via an audio interview with  MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) researcher  Sheila Franklin in 1993.

According to Bragalia’s article, UFO investigator  Leonard Stringfield  assigned Franklin to meet with  “Edith Simpson” , the pseudonym Stringfield gave Wright in an investigative article to protect his identity.

Franklin not only found Wright, but convinced her to do a taped interview  (part of that interview can be heard at this link) .

Unfortunately, Franklin couldn’t find the second half of the interview…

In the interview with Franklin, Wright explains that she was at a military conference with Einstein in Chicago when they were taken to a military base, more specifically to a hangar in Roswell, New Mexico, and what was inside left them speechless.

It had the shape of a disc, a kind of concave”,

explained Dr. Wright.

Its size reached a quarter of the hangar. The craft’s body was what I would call a very reflective material today, but when you got up close to it, it was pretty boring.”

Einstein’s assistant was convinced it was an alien spacecraft…

And then they saw what they supposedly extracted from inside:

Five five-foot-tall corpses, dressed in tight suits that, she said, lacked navels or genitals. They were then taken to another building where Dr. Wright claimed to have seen a being that was still alive, apparently screaming in pain.

According to the article, she told Franklin that she later learned the creature had survived.

They just told me to keep my mouth shut.”

explained Einstein’s assistant.

Autopsy of an alien found in the city of Roswell, in the United States, in 1947.

Dr. Wright said that Einstein had written a report about what they saw, but that she was not authorized to see it and was simply ordered to keep it secret.

Franklin told Anthony Bragalia that he tried to verify the information but was unable to.

Anthony Bragalia does not mention why Franklin chose to share this story with him, he simply says that he provided him with a series of documents entitled

Status Report: Stringfield UFO Recoveries”,

where he referred to Wright as Edith Simpson and also provided his interview notes, later memoirs, and recordings.

Wright said that “the ship’s body was what I would call a very reflective material today, but when you get close to it, it’s quite opaque.” She added, “they were very curious about what the materials were.”

Without a doubt, this startling revelation leaves us with more questions and answers:

If a government has aliens in its power, who better to study them than the greatest scientific mind of all time?

However, based on the interview, it doesn’t look like Einstein spent a lot of time analyzing them.

And why would Einstein bring a student assistant into the hangar?

Sadly, Einstein and Wright are no longer with us, and even if they were, they wouldn’t talk about it.

However, Anthony Bragalia comments on Einstein’s 1920 interview, expressing his belief in the existence of other intelligent life forms.

For the ufologist, it is irrefutable proof that the most brilliant mind in our history was there and swore to take the secret to the grave.

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