Did Da Vinci know about aliens? The mysterious messages in his paintings.

There are many secrets that circulate around the works of the famous painter Leonardo Da Vinci, among which stands out the possible participation of extraterrestrial beings, who gave the artist a coded message, for his future recognition.

Next come works prized across the planet, known for their glittering magnificence, perhaps concealing secret codes held for many years in alien theory. In any case, these hypotheses have not been proven, we are aware of specialists in ufology who guarantee that these beings from other worlds, time and time again, have been in contact with the great artistic minds of our planet for some reason, without knowing the exact reason. at the time.

The mystery surrounding the Mona Lisa

The Mona Lisa has been a mystery to art researchers for a long time. What does your enigmatic smile mean? These are questions experts have been asking themselves for hundreds of years.

One of the highlights of the painting is the Mona Lisa’s incredible smile that disappears from view when you look at her; however, if you focus on another part of the painting, it can be seen out of the corner of your eye. The real mystery is in the eyes, as history students discovered letters and numbers with the help of a microscope that can have hundreds of meanings. There are even studies that claim he is male.

The last supper

On the other hand, in the Catholic artistic creation that portrays the Last Supper made by Christ to entertain his apostles, numerous researchers claim that the details present in the painting may mean subliminal messages, although the reason is unknown.

What many do not know is that the representations that were made in this work are only Catholic, or at least, the artist hopes to explain that at the moment everything we know as the story that is told in the heavenly book of the Bible, is not what it is. it really happened.

Why the alien influence in your paintings?

It is essential to note that a considerable number of his works were decomposed from various points of view, with emphasis on the Mona Lisa, perhaps the most curious painting and the one that left most fabrics to be cut. The aforementioned work is loaded with secrets and secret messages, such as the hidden alien that was recently discovered, as well as apocalyptic predictions that can only be seen with magnifying glasses and under the reflection of special ultraviolet lights and vision glasses. X-ray

In themselves, these works are believed to have been influenced by extraterrestrial beings in order to elevate human knowledge, with the end result of surpassing the degrees of understanding that humanity should have for the time in which it lives.

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