A little taste of some of my favourite discoveries made on Mars.

The following are some of my current favourites, although there are undoubtedly many more to choose from. Enjoy. As technology continues to advance and mankind makes its journey into space, we thought it would be interesting to highlight 10 incredible discoveries and technologies related to Mars and share them with you.

Discoveries on Mars That Are Without a Doubt the Most Incredible Ever Are the Mars Hunters telling the truth about all of their claims?

In this image captured by the Mars Rover, what can only be described as a “extraterrestrial bird” can be seen soaring through the Martian atmosphere.

A more peculiar sight that may be proof of the existence of aliens may be seen in the most recent batch of photos the Curiosity rover took. This picture shows a pyramid on the surface of Mars. a pyramid on Mars.

Curiosity is simply the first in a line of upcoming, more sophisticated NASA missions that will search for obvious indications of life. The European Space Agency’s (ESA) ExoMars rover may directly analyze organics to learn how they are made, including if they favor a “left-hand” or “right-hand” configuration similar to how life appears on Earth.

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