UFOs Appear Once Again During Live Stream

The alleged UFO seen during the live television broadcast apparently “had lights on its ‘body'”.

Alien life theorists around the world firmly believe that aliens are already here on Earth, and claim that UFO sightings occurring in various parts of the world are hinting at their existence on the blue planet.

These theorists also claim that governments and space agencies are aware of extraterrestrial existence on Earth.

Scott C Waring, an expert in the field of UFOs, has released a mysterious video showing an unknown flying object “blinking” through the skies.

Interestingly, the UFO was captured at the bottom of a live television feed.

As the presenter reads the news, a bright flying object can be seen moving across the skies behind the glass window.

“The video slows down and shows close-ups to help us see the object better. What looks like one UFO is actually two! “

UFOs are flying side by side. This is similar to USAF military aircraft training, where an American fighter plane always takes off with a wingman.

“A wingman is a second fighter jet that follows you beside you to look out for you (…)” Waring wrote on his website UFO Sightings Daily.

Despite Waring’s followers being convinced of the extraterrestrial existence, skeptics have rejected these claims, arguing that it could be a drone or a bird.

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