New- The CIA Confirms There’s Extraterrestrial Activity on Our Planet

The UFO phenomena is gradually becoming a reality as a result of a recent surge of disclosed UFO data and remarks from high ranking officials.

Believing that we are the only civilisation in the physical Universe, which is limitless from a scientific perspective, displays not just a huge ego but also an unbelievable lack of knowledge. However, what occurs when high-ranking authorities

Dimitri Medvedev, the Russian prime minister, had a live interview in December 2012 that was broadcast concurrently on five television stations. The Russian ex-president then stated to a journalist that each Kremlin official receives two folders with confidential information about the appearance of extraterrestrial entities.

Since it was the first time a senior official officially accepted the existence of alien civilizations during the presidential term, Medvedev’s comment at the time was a global first.

1980 saw the publication of an exciting news piece regarding UFO perceptions and encounters in the “Sputnik” magazine. Ten Soviet and American astronauts both report in this piece. Only one of these astronauts rejected the idea that UFOs may enter and leave our galaxy.

According to Ievgheni Krunov, it is actually impossible to deny the existence of UFOs, and we should acknowledge that they are more than just optical illusions. Even some of their characteristics, such as their quick changes in flight direction at an angle of 90 degrees, give us a lot to think about.

Ghenadi Strekalov, an astronaut, stated that he saw several weird and puzzling phenomena, although he is hesitant to categorize these occurrences in any manner. He did, however, explain a phenomena he saw on September 28, 1980, while working the day shift on the Mir space station: a flying sphere around Newfoundland at a height of 20 to 30 kilometers. He was able to observe the sphere changing into stunningly vibrant colors for around ten seconds before it vanished very immediately due to the clear sky and excellent visibility.

Strekalov said that the UFO was shaped exactly like an oval. He insisted that he reported the incident to the Mission Control Center, but they determined it was not a UFO, leading him to draw the conclusion that he should be more cautious while dealing with his superiors.

According to papers that have been made publicly available, the CIA’s archives have records of more than 100 UFO occurrences that were investigated and confirmed in 1952 alone and were classified as “inexplicable” because they lacked a logical explanation.

“Roughly 100 credible admissions are still unaccounted for at this time. The article states, “However, the CIA surveillance will continue and no reports will be made public.

The declassification of those 10 papers corresponds with the return of the “X Files” series, much to the dismay of ufologists worldwide, and it appears that none of the material in those documents pertains to crashed UFOs, contacts, or kidnappings.

The CIA believes that the public will find the material to be incredibly intriguing, according to a spokeswoman for the agency:

CIA records
“We’ve made the decision to publicize a few documents that even skeptics will find compelling. The remaining five files are ideal for Fox Mulder’s sceptical colleague, agent Dana Scully, but only five of them are suitable for the “X Files” agent.

According to conspiracy theories, the CIA’s decision to make these materials public was not made in conjunction with the premiere of the new season of the X Files but rather as a way to prime the public for upcoming revelations.

According to Stephen Basset, executive director of Paradigm Research Group, an organization that campaigns at the White House to have the American government acknowledge that aliens are real, “apparently the CIA used the rebirth of the X Files franchise to remind the people that the agency has agents investigating these cases.”

We do not yet know if the public will acknowledge the reality of UFOs, but we can only hope that it won’t be long until our governments reveal the presence of alien life.

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