Gray aliens are created from human DNA, says Pennsylvania professor of ufology Jacobs

The so-called Gray Aliens – short men with big heads and a fragile little body, are considered the most famous type of aliens. They are the ones who appear most frequently in the stories of kidnapped people.

Who are the gray aliens?

They are humanoid, that is, humanoid creatures, and there have been many theories by ufologists in an attempt to explain who they are and why they look so much like people and at the same time so different.

Some consider them true aliens from other planets, some consider them time travelers representing people who evolved over millennia, some consider them visitors from another dimension or other worlds, some say they are robots created by non-humanoid aliens, and so on. on.

There is even a completely bizarre theory that explains that a large head, large black almond-shaped eyes, a triangular face, a nose in the form of two small holes, a thin mouth, the absence of ears and other details of the appearance of the “grays” are, in fact, a highly distorted image of a person, perceived in infancy by newborn babies. That is, all “alien abductions” are supposedly just strange nightmares or lapses of consciousness with the appeal of long-forgotten childhood memories.

And now one more version about “Gray” has been declared. The new theory was enunciated by a certain David Jacobs, who, incidentally, is official professor of history at Temple University, Pennsylvania, USA.

Jacobs has a hobby – he is extremely passionate about ufology and regularly tells the press about his hunches and thoughts. He had already spoken about the fact that aliens have been walking the Earth among people for a long time, and also that they are planning a full-scale invasion.

Recently, Jacobs was invited to Richard Dolan’s TV show and there he talked about how the resemblance of the “Greys” to people is not accidental, because they were probably specially created using human DNA. And this DNA was obtained from abductees (apparently the first ones).

According to Jacobs, the “Greys” have ear holes, nose holes and a very small mouth. But these parts don’t seem to play any major role in their physiology, because the “Greys” communicate telepathically with the abductees and no one ever noticed that they were breathing.

“There is no evidence that they breathe, although abductees have seen them very close to them, even touching their foreheads. I asked these people, “Did you feel their breath on your face?” And they always answered “No”.

They probably don’t have lungs, they have very skinny little bodies, and no one has seen their chests move with their breath.

And they don’t talk, they always communicate telepathically. They don’t eat either, at least not in the usual way we do. So for what purpose do they need a mouth? The fact is that these “gray” aliens most likely have human DNA, which made them so similar to us in appearance.

I don’t know for sure, but that’s my best guess, it all comes down to an open mouth they don’t need, shouldn’t have.

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