US intelligence officer reveals that the reptilians have a base on the dark side of the moon

An enigmatic reptilian species has been studied by mankind for thousands of years. All our ancient predecessors who lived in isolation and did not interact or communicate with each other spoke about the same monsters. On almost every continent, archaeologists have discovered ancient artifacts that show a lizard-like race.

In dozens of cultures around the world, there are stories of an intelligent race of saurians. Most people today identify these beings with far-fetched conspiracy theories. However, several respected people in the community (such as police, government contractors, and the military) have published startling firsthand accounts. A man named William Mills Tompkins is one of them. He would be haunted for the rest of his life by what he learned while working for the US government.

a whistleblower

On May 30, 1923, William “Bill” Tompkins was born. He was sought out by Navy representatives while still in high school. He started to rise through the ranks after joining the military and was eventually appointed an intelligence officer. During World War II, he performed his duties in secure locations. He was hired by the Douglas Aircraft Company to participate in a secret project that would become known as Majestic 12 after receiving an honorable discharge in 1946.

The competitive team consisted of scientists, military commanders, and government officials. He sketched designs for interplanetary naval ships when working for the secret organization. Bill worked in the Saturn Program as an aeronautical engineer and contributed to the creation of the Apollo launch vehicle. The renowned veteran gathered some amazing information while working for NASA. Our astronauts were not alone when they landed on the moon.

A reptilian moon base

One of humanity’s most significant achievements was the first space mission. More than 650 million people watched in disbelief on TV in the summer of 1969 when Neil Armstrong took the first human steps on the alien celestial body. But there is much more to this story that is being kept from the public. NASA sent an unmanned probe to collect data before the fateful lunar landing.

They quickly discovered a sizable base on the dark side of the moon. Confused, scientists continued to collect data and discovered that a colony of extraterrestrials had colonized the planetoid. Agency executives, however, were committed to carrying out the long-awaited Apollo mission despite these shocking facts. The rocket and its excited crew launched from the Cape Kennedy Space Center on July 20, 1969.

The ‘Lizard People’ arise

There were three astronauts in the vehicle: Pilot Michael Collins, Module Operator Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin, and Commander Neil Armstrong. The journey took four tense days to complete. The soldiers exhaled with relief when they landed on the lunar surface and experienced a strong rush of adrenaline. Only then, the story was created. Sadly, that joy would soon come to an abrupt end. The three men looked out the window and saw seven huge UFOs parked nearby.

His parked vehicle was surrounded by a huge group of creatures. There were a large number of reptilians gathered around the crater rim. Armstrong calculated that the height of 9 feet of bipedal beings. They had scaly skin like that of a reptile, making them look like crocodile-human hybrids. The reptoids, according to Tompkins, were hideous and had “terrible faces”.

There were two minutes during the cruise through the monuments where both the camera and the radio were completely lost. They’re here, Neil Armstrong shouted as he changed the channel to the doctor. They are stationed around the crater rim. They are watching us. During an interview with journalist Kerry Cassidy in 2017, William Tompkins made this startling statement. Even though he wasn’t a spring bird, the 94-year-old was agile and mentally sharp. He spoke publicly before passing suddenly. Coincidence or not, Bill put his name, legacy and possibly his life at risk by speaking out. Listening with an open mind is the least we can do in response.

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