Mysterious UFOs Spotted Over Los Angeles: Are We Being Invaded or Surveilled

With a considerable increase in drone purchases these days, it becomes rather hard to make a difference between an actual UFO sighting and these flying devices, especially when people fly them at night as a hobby.
The following video reveals how a pair of UFOs hover over the city of Los Angeles after dawn, and they would clearly pass as drones unless other evidence wouldn’t point the other way. Even if an appearance is believed to be a drone, we have to be careful at its particularities that may sometimes reveal traits only otherwordly devices could possess.

In this case, similar reports were encountered in different parts of the globe, all of them exposing these bright UFOs that sometimes appear in a preset number of two, with the second one showing up a bit later, after the first UFO performs its bizarre ritual.

Other reports speak of an alleged mothership with small bright lights coming out of it, which makes us wonder if the same presumed drones can be seen in different areas of the planet with thousands of miles between them?
The first part of the video shows how two mysterious bright lights play in the sky at a relatively low altitude, just over the tree tops. The strong luminosity of the objects forms a tail behind them as they fly around. After a few moments, one of them seems to descend and is followed by its twin shortly after. Because the lights never change colors and the two flying objects don’t show any distinctive movement, also because of the altitude and the flight pattern, we tend to believe that the first part of the video only shows two drones or even two police helicopters on a mission. What do you believe to be the case?

The second part however, in our opinion, offers great evidence of UFO activity because this particular behavior can be tracked down to other parts of the world, also the altitude on which the object is hovering is not really suited for drones.

This bizarre behavior of growing brighter and back, the sudden disappearance and reappearance, as well as the strange change in light color indicates a specific type of UFO encountered by others this autumn. Another distinguishable characteristic is the second UFO appearing after a while into the picture. The same sighting was reported by countless people from Germany, USA, Colombia, Brazil and Romania. It has in common not one, but more elements described above.

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