Giant Unknown Sea Creatures Spotted in the Pacific!

The Internet is full of unusual and fun videos, but what recently appeared on the platforms gives chills to those who watch.

Two huge marine animals were spotted swimming gently on the ocean surface in the Pacific.

Several helicopters follow the sea monsters in the footage. Judging by the dimensions of the animals in relation to the planes, they are creatures of monstrous proportions!

Several helicopters follow the sea monsters in the footage

Scientists are still not sure what kind of organism they are, but judging by their appearance, it is clear that these are not fish.

Humans have not yet studied everything that lurks in the depths of the ocean. Therefore, it is not surprising that we were surprised when two unknown creatures appeared on the surface of the water.

The mysterious ningen captured and the sea bay creature giant 5, the onoke to count the mysterious giant kraken, the creatures us, google and sea land, further below

Another, related image of 5 mysterious giant sea creatures captured in Google Earth

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5 Mysterious Giant Sea Creatures Captured on Google Earth Youtube

From the mysterious sea creature of oke bay to the giant kraken and ningen, we count 5 of the most mysterious and giant sea creatures captured in Google Earth. Join me as we investigate some mysterious creatures captured in Google Earth! And if you take a world tour through Google Earth, you’re sure to find things that aren’t exactly common. not all life forms captured on google maps are easily identified. from jaw-dropping cryptids to Antarctic aliens. let’s investigate some of the most mysterious creatures seen by virtual globetrotters on the Internet. weird. 13 man in the trunk. via viralnova. this may be one of the strangest images Google Earth has ever captured. in this photo, we are taken to what appears to be a decent house in a leafy neighborhood and look down a specific driveway. in this entrance we see a parked convertible car, with what appears to be a naked man trying to get out of the trunk. Cryptozoologists are excited about a strange shape seen on Google Earth in the ocean near Antarctica. it looks like a brown mass surrounded by swirling green waters. wowforreeel user.

5 Mysterious Giant Creatures Accidentally Caught on Camera

دنبال کردن. 5 Unknown Creatures Caught on Google Maps! Description: The proliferation of geographic information systems such as GPS and Google Earth has allowed people to explore the world in ways that would not otherwise be possible. many games have been created to satisfy this wanderlust, and sometimes developers e.g. Through living science. this is by far the most incredible story to go along with a strange Google Earth photo. The zoomed-in look of this underwater car was found by an area resident who spotted something strange on Google Earth. after a call to the police, a tragic mystery was finally closed as the remains of a missing body were found inside. The rock is almost 30 meters high and is located in the same place as “the thing” on google maps.

10 Scariest Creatures Found on Google Earth Youtube

Mysterious deep-sea creatures spotted on Google Earth Deep Sea

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