Aliens Are Already Here, And This Cover-Up Is About To Be Discovered (Video)

Governments around the world, as well as the world’s elite, have been kept in the dark about the discovery of aliens. One of the reasons they keep their lives hidden is that they don’t want to lose control of the population.

The discovery of an alien will open a portal to the future, allowing us to explore it.

This will result in the blurring of borders between countries around the world, something governments and religious institutions are determined to avoid at all costs.

UFO sightings are becoming more frequent by the day, and lawmakers are becoming more aware of the phenomenon. There are reports that nations have come to terms with alien races that frequently visit our world to keep their presence hidden.

When natural resources are quickly depleted, the government and the world’s elite promote racial and religious divisions to separate people.

The use of TV, social media and other mobile technologies by governments is one of the ways they brainwash us. However, reforms are on the way and seem to come sooner rather than later.

Aliens will almost certainly expose their origins and true identities to humans. The planet will eventually shift and awaken until most humans embrace it.


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