The Moon would have more than “250 million alien citizens”, says former CIA pilot

* John Lear, aeronautical pilot and former CIA agent and son of William Lear, industry tycoon Lear Jet, is known in the UFO world for his strong revelations of the so-called “Pact of Evil” (an agreement that according to him; a parallel government , the “MJ-12” Group, would have stipulated with the extraterrestrials without the knowledge of the people).

A former CIA pilot has shocked the public with his declaration that the Moon is actually a habitable place with over 250 million citizens.

”  Everything you’ve heard about the moon is a lie  ,” exclaimed   John Lear  .

John Lear  , argued that NASA edited photographs taken on the Apollo 8, 10 and 11 missions to prevent Earth’s satellite secrets from being revealed.

Lear   indicated that despite this, it is possible to see in the images a city, a space base, pipes, roads, vegetation, air, atmosphere, 66% gravity with respect to Earth, lights, mining operations and a nuclear reactor.

The pilot considered that everything known about the Moon is a hoax created by the United States.

“I cannot prove (what has been said), or I would already be dead. I can’t show a picture of the USS Enterprise there. It is precisely what makes sense to know the technology obtained after the United States government injected billions and billions of dollars into all Tesla research”,

pointed   Lear  .

He went on to explain that the Moon was made inside Jupiter approximately 40 million years ago.

“During the last ice age, 15,000 years ago, the trajectory of the lunar electromagnet became trapped in Earth’s orbit. It was there that the great cities, civilizations and bases of the Moon began to flourish.

added   Lear  .

Lear is a well-known figure in the world of UFOlogy for chronicling highly controversial extraterrestrial revelations in the 1980s and 1990s.

“In 1953, an alien craft crashed and they captured an alien we called EBE 3, who helped the US government build some spacecraft with alien technology.”

“In 1962 we already had vehicles that couldn’t go faster than the speed of light, like alien spacecraft, but fast enough to reach the Moon in a few minutes and a few hours to go to Mars. The first flight to Mars was in 1966, even on the red planet there are about 600 million alien beings and some human colonies.” Lear  assured .


“We should have been pretty stupid not to explore the stars when Tesla patented free energy and a flying saucer using antigravity technology over 100 years ago. Tesla also understood how to create a portal that could take him anywhere, from what I hear. You don’t have access to all this information about antigravity and free energy, so ignore it! You don’t go back to the Stone Age of chemical rockets unless you do so to fool the masses while separate civilizations explore the stars. I hope one day we get to see these wonderful planes that we pay our taxes for when we defeat the bad guys. I pray they expose all the secret technology.”

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