Man causes despair in beach visitors with photo of ‘aliens’ emerging from the sea

Footage taken in the Western Cape, South Africa, shows dried ‘Aloe vera’ plants in the sand on the beach

A man has left  visitors to a beach desperate  after a series of photos posted on Facebook. The images shared by Jan Vorster  show creatures that look like aliens  rising from the sea in a very dark way.

Despite looking like aliens ready to attack humans,  the bizarre creatures in the photos  are actually   dead and dried Aloe vera plants. Vorster captured the images in Still Bay, Western Cape, South Africa.

His intention was just to raise awareness about  care for the environment  and the lack of preservation of nature, but the scare that the photo gave people reversed the focus.

After the publication of the photos, taken at sunrise and sunset, which gave them  an even more sinister look, several people were scared in the comments.

The photos were taken at sunrise and sunset, which made the ‘creatures’ even more sinister.


Vorster says that people were afraid of being attacked or poisoned  by the mysterious creatures . “I was surprised [by the reaction]. I thought people would have fun with it, but it turned into a very serious thing.”

With the large amount of comments, his post became more famous and concern about aliens only increased.

The man responsible for the riot explained  that they were just plants , but many didn’t believe it and went in search of environmental specialists. A scientist consulted confirmed that the “creature” was not dangerous to humans.

While some were amused by the confusion, some were quite annoyed by Vorster. “People researched  Aloe vera  and they couldn’t put two and two together. They kept saying, ‘Please help us, because this is not a plant. That can’t be a plant.’ [Some people said] that I deceived them and that I should be crucified for it.”

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