NASA Posted And Removed This Weird Image Of Mars From Their Website – WHY?

When we look at that object, one of the first thoughts that comes to mind is that it must have been produced by man. Fortunately for us, several independent researchers have chosen to create copies of the image, so we can still see it even if NASA deletes it from its website.

What is the unusual and intriguing thing or mechanism at the center of the photograph? What prompted NASA to remove it from its official website?

NASA responded by stating that the image has been relocated to a new website with a new URL. However, if we go to the “other” site, we can see that the original photo and the one on display have several variations.

This could be linked to the fact that several NASA employees started leaking information about a secret Earth-based device that landed on Mars.

However, as can be seen, the object depicted in the image does not appear to be man-made.

It also doesn’t seem to have crashed. NASA, for some inexplicable reason, wants to keep this knowledge hidden from us by providing us with implausible answers.

What are your thoughts on this? What is the nature of this object on Mars? Is it true that NASA destroyed this image?

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