Scott C. Waring Claims: “There is an Extraterrestrial Base in Antarctica” (Video)

Scott C. Waring, the renowned researcher and theorist, found 2 UFOs flying simultaneously over the Earth’s atmosphere at full speed, just above Antarctica.

In the images indicated by Scott C. Waring of Google Earth , 2 Tic-Tac UFO- like UAPs can be seen . The same ones that US Navy pilots saw.

UFOs Over Antarctica According to Scott C. Waring

One of the UFOs was spotted on Google Earth maps this summer. Off the coast of California and San Clemente Island, the southernmost of the Channel Islands.

However, he observed 2 similar flying objects flying simultaneously in an arid region of Antarctica , far from any trace of human civilization. Interestingly, the objects were red.

The UFOs were the same size, about 10 meters long and 4 meters wide . Scott C. Waring stated that it was evident that they were alien ships , as each had space for a large crew. In fact, its presence could confirm the theory of an extraterrestrial base in Antarctica.

It is noteworthy that the existence of Tic-Tac UAPs is official, confirmed by the Pentagon .

Less than 3 months later, NASA officially acknowledged the existence of UFOs, calling them UAPs.

This type of flying object has been in the eye of the hurricane for several years now. In fact, the United States Department of Defense posted 3 of the images captured by the Navy pilots on its website and also recognized their authenticity in 2020.

UAPs confirmed by the Pentagon

Witnesses aboard the aircraft carriers reported seeing the objects with a diameter of 15 to 20 meters . They quickly climbed to heights of 10 kilometers without using visible engines or jets . They then changed course with accelerations from 100 to 1000 g . Which proved their pilots couldn’t be human.

The UAPs occasionally dove into the water, feeling no disturbance to their gait. Something that normally accompanies planes or other aircraft that often have water incursions.

If there is any connection between the Pentagon’s UFOs and those seen by Scott C. Waring in Antarctica, what could it be?

For years, it has been hypothesized that Antarctica was used as a base by extraterrestrial visitors to Earth. So is it likely that these objects, as well as the strange remnants of advanced architecture, belong to an unknown civilization ?

Scott C. Waring continues to generate controversy around the world. Both Antarctica and Tic-Tac UAPs are still an unsolved mystery.

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