Creature spotted in Albuquerque, New Mexico (video)

Thousands of people are concerned about certain Facebook photos. An unidentified creature lurks on the side of the road, as the footage shows.

According to the plot, a geologist employed at an oil deposit in the region discovered something strange. He wanted to record it as a heat signature. The geologist abruptly resigned the next day.

The news went viral, with users posting things like “seriously freaking out”, “holy shit… I’m going to stop by tomorrow” and “skinwalker!” on the social networks. The word “skinwalker” applies to a Native American folk tale. Tony Hillerman, the writer, brought it to life

A skinwalker, according to folklore, is a human being who has the supernatural ability to transform into any animal and move on all fours.

Countless encounters have taken place, but few people can talk about them for fear of being attacked again.

The photos were taken by the last Mexican who shared them. She believes that she is not aware of her roots.



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