Before passing away, an astronaut said: “Aliens have arrived to end a conflict”.

Do you know Edgar Mitchell? a NASA astronaut who, during the Apollo 14 mission in 1971, became the sixth man to walk on the moon.

He was the pilot of the lunar module Antares, and Antares transported 40 kg of lunar material to Earth for study.

He founded the Institute of Noetic Sciences when he retired to examine unusual scientific occurrences such as extraterrestrial life.

Michael passed away in Florida, USA, aged 85.

Mitchell gave a final interview before he passed away, in which he stated that aliens came to Earth during the Cold War and played an important role in preventing nuclear war.

Astronaut Edgar Mitchell reportedly told the British tabloid Mirror that “the aliens were trying to avoid conflict by helping to create peace on Earth”.

Astronaut discussed extraterrestrials

UFOs were allegedly seen near military installations at the time, according to Mitchell: “I met with several Air Force officers who operated at these installations during the Cold War.”

They informed me that UFO sightings were common and that these craft had the capability to disable missiles.

The sixth man to walk on the moon commented: “Other officers on the Pacific coast reported that their missiles were routinely shot down by extraterrestrial craft.”

But why has this tale never been revealed? The US government, according to Mitchell, covered up the incident.

Mitchell noted that when he spoke with several former CIA officials who served in the military, they revealed that Harry Truman, the country’s president at the time, formed a committee to investigate the UFO phenomenon and came to the conclusion that it was indeed the work of extraterrestrial life.

Despite the findings, it was determined to keep the facts secret. In order to conceal the situation and the existence of the investigation committee, they enacted the National Security Act in 1974.

Mitchell claims that the government prevented other individuals from conducting comparable studies for fear of losing control and influence over information and technology.

You can check out the full interview with astronaut Edgar Mitchell in the video below.

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