An Ancient Flying Machine Discovered in an Underground Chamber

One of these vaults contained a small aircraft, a 10-foot-tall metallic Vimana, an ancient flying machine that made a screeching sound when moved.

What you are about to see at the end of this article is real footage of a secret chamber in the ancient temple of Sriangam, India.

This at least 2,000-year-old secret chamber was discovered in 2015 and contains many ancient secrets and riddles. Shortly after this chamber was opened, the authorities immediately closed and sealed it, meaning that access to it is completely denied. What was found inside this chamber that led authorities to ban access to it? Well, what you are going to read below is the testimony of several residents about the events that took place during the discovery of the chamber.

Prior to 2015, the entrance to the chamber was fully enclosed, with two doors made from granite stone blocks. The authorities finally managed to enter the chamber. If we look at two doors at the entrance, we can see a conical plate pointing down to the basement. We can deduce that these symbols refer to something hidden and extremely important and perhaps that was what motivated the authorities to finally invade the room. We already said that this chamber is underground. However, another chamber was discovered below the first one, and inside it something extraordinary was found.

One of these vaults contained a small aircraft, a ten-foot-tall metallic Vimana, an ancient flying machine, which made a rattling sound when moved. We already know what happened next. Authorities cordoned off the area and denied access to it. Why would you ban access to a place unless there’s something important you want to keep secret… Unfortunately, there’s no actual footage from the second chamber. Why didn’t they show people what they found?

It is logical to think that something very old and important was found inside those chambers. Because if they were empty, there was no need to seal everything. The following video, which you will see below, confirms that authorities found not only the chamber, but many others near it that ended up being closed.

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