Video of an Alleged “ORBITAL STATION” About the Moon Goes Viral on the Internet!!

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 A really fantastic video has gone viral on the internet in recent weeks. A man who was testing his camera with powerful lenses films this object hovering over the moon, what appears to be a huge orbital station .

A gigantic and unexplained flying object with a circular appearance appears to be coming out from behind the moon, in the video you can see.

According to ufologists, this unidentified flying object has a futuristic appearance and could very well be an orbital station.

Here are some real concerns:

What Is The Nature Of This Thing And Where Did It Come From?

Is it possible that this technology is being developed behind closed doors by international governments? A high-tech spacecraft designed to keep people in lunar orbit for an extended period of time? Is it conceivable that it is not even man-made?

Watch the video and draw your own conclusions.

                              See Video Below:

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