Several recently published photos of a UFO hovering in the sky like a “door” over Louisiana.

The Epoch Times France reports that a couple in Alexandria were driving home when they spotted what appeared to be a UFO emerging from a circular cloud funnel.

They took some photos and uploaded them to SecureTeam10, a popular YouTube channel that broadcasts about extraterrestrial phenomena and UFO sightings.

According to Tyler, who recounted the couple’s experience on YouTube, they said:   “We were on our way home when we noticed a white cake-shaped cloud in the sky, so I decided to take a picture before it left. Dingy. Then, when we arrived at the entrance, when we got out of the car, it was already dark. In the middle of the pie-shaped cloud, we noticed a funnel of steam starting to descend, and at the bottom, an oval object dimly lit with ambient light appeared, which hovered in the sky long enough for me to be able to take many pictures before disappearing. 🇧🇷  

As soon as I saw these images, they reminded me of a Romanian painting [16th century] discovered in a monastery, depicting a house… and above, from within the clouds, lurked. a long chimney and in the background a disc-shaped object,”   said narrator Tyler, describing a series of similar sightings from around the world.

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