The loch ness monster escaped from the lake, and people are scared

The mystery surrounds the skeleton of a mysterious creature that washed up on a Scottish beach during Storm Ciara.

The puzzling beast was found off the coast of Aberdeenshire on Sunday as the country grappled with 90mph winds and torrential rain.

A photograph of the creature was shared on a Facebook page, prompting hundreds of suggestions as to what it could be. Some thought it was a whale or a dolphin, while others dismissed that suggestion, saying the creature’s ‘horns’ make it a thresher shark – which is known to enter British waters during the summer. But even marine biologists are perplexed, with Professor David Lusseau of the University of Aberdeen saying he needed more information.

He told Mail Online: “Unfortunately from this photo alone we can’t tell much other than that it is a whale in some way. We’d need pictures of the front end (and probably a little snooping around) to get an ID. ‘The confusion surrounding the creature hasn’t stopped people from sharing their suggestions.

James Trippington said: ‘A lot like Orca or Dolphin. But the caudal vertebrate looks rather thin. But it’s not a shark for sure.

But Andrew Mowat dismissed the idea, saying: ‘Does the column look like it was designed for side-to-side movement? Whales rise and fall.

Others joked that it could be the Loch Ness Monster, suggesting the beast could have escaped its supposed aquatic home some 100 miles away.

Brian Ingram said: ‘Nessie! She escaped to sea, but later met a difficult end. And Emma-Louise Bolland said, ‘Nessie. Couldn’t adapt to salt water.’

Another joked: ‘It’s a very, very rarely seen deep sea Haggis.’ The Loch Ness Monster has long been a Scottish legend, with dozens of alleged sightings being claimed each year.

There were more alleged sightings of the Loch Ness Monster last year – 18 in all – than at any other time since 1983, when ‘Nessie-mania’ was at its height.

Ciara brought 97 mph winds, up to seven inches of rain, flooding and left over 20,000 people without power.

And now Britain is set to be hit with ‘blizzard conditions’ and heavy rain today, as flood-stricken Britain prepares for a 72-hour deluge, with Storm Dennis on its way this weekend.

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