Linda Moulton Claims: “Humanoids are at the base of 34 million years, 2 miles below Antarctica”

Linda Moulton Howe works in the company of a witness who has seen what she has been doing for over two years. According to the witness, there is something almost incredible in Antarctica, like humanoids built in massive structures deep below the surface.

Moreover, archaeologists only tried to discover a small part of the structure. The rest of them are now buried under ice.

The structure, according to the radar, takes on the outline of an octagon, which occupies more than 62 hectares.

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Nephilim giants were captured by satellite in the mountains of Patagonia
There are countless legends and myths about giants on Earth, but have you ever thought why?

This “Society of Giant People” may reside within the Earth, but may have access to remote locations such as the Patagonian Mountains, which are shared by Argentina and Chile, near the southern tip of South America.

The Patagonians, also known as the Patagonian Giants, were originally discovered by Ferdinand Magellan and his crew in the 1520s while exploring the South American coast on their way to circumnavigating the world.

If Magellan and his crew saw the Tehuelche, it’s possible. Indeed, these individuals towered over everyone. The tehuelche may have been confused with the supposed Patagonian giants, but given that he clearly wrote about these supposed 12- to 15-foot tall creatures, we can assume that they were indeed Patagonian giants.

Furthermore, a map by Diego Gutiérrez from 1562 depicts the Patagonian giants, who are linked to the ancestors of the Nephilim and Rephaim and are known as the Didanum people, which provides further evidence of their existence.

There is no clear evidence that Patagonian giants ever existed, however, satellite images of the Patagonian mountains suggest a likely giant being, which may change people’s thinking about history.

The head, eyes, nose, mouth and right hand and fingers of this huge monster, as well as the left leg and toes, can be seen in the photographs captured from Google Earth, although the images are slightly blurred. (An expanded version of the photograph is seen above.)

This film of Roger in Kansas City, Missouri, the man who first discovered the entity, offers a complete tour of the surroundings.

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