They are coming? “Alien ships use the Sun as a portal”

This month of January 2021 has been a whirlwind in terms of UFO sightings. Many strange images close to the sun make us think that we are close to something important.

Do alien ships use the Sun as a portal?

A few days ago,  the SDO observatory  captured a huge anomaly that suddenly appeared next to the Sun, but something strange happened.

The  Helioviewer  shows the anomaly as coming off the sun, but further down it shows that the anomaly is much further away in space as it flies past the sun in a fraction of a second.

NASA and other scientific organizations claim that anomalies and  UFOs  near the sun are simply a collection of tracks left by cosmic rays, charged particles from space, that passed through the camera sensor, or CCD, when the images were taken.

However, when looking at this gigantic object, it appears that it has a fixed design.

So what is it, a line left behind by cosmic rays, charged particles from space, or a giant UFO?

What about the different Helioviewer images showing this object (same date and time) close to the sun and farther out in space? Is there an explanation for this?

Also, something really strange happened:

Some extraterrestrial life theorists are convinced they ‘ve seen an “angelic UFO” feeding on solar energy…

Blue rays, possibly electrically charged, are visible on both sides of the object, apparently emanating from the object.

The object, which looks like a giant UFO, seems to come from another dimension  “and arrives through a portal close to the sun” .

A portal is an extraordinary opening in space or time that connects travelers, in this case a giant UFO, who come from distant realms.”

Are we really looking at other alien spacecraft in the vicinity of the Sun, and therefore in our solar system?

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