British Astronaut Says UFOs Could Be Time Traveling Humans Or Alien Spaceships

Tim Peake, Britain’s most prestigious astronaut, has revealed that UFOs may belong to extraterrestrial civilizations or even time travelers.

What are UFOs? The acronym stands for Unidentified Flying Object and describes aerial phenomena where people see an object in the sky that they cannot identify. More often than not, these objects seem to perform maneuvers unlike anything seen before. But does UFO mean they are extraterrestrials? The answer is that we really don’t know, although most people certainly seem to think that we do.

While some of the UFO sightings can be rationally explained, some remain unexplained, eluding logical explanations.

The mystery surrounding UFOs has increased in recent years. The military and governments around the world are no longer afraid to talk about UFOs and, moreover, seem to welcome the discussion. NASA recently revealed that it is setting up an independent study to investigate UFOs – UAP – and other space agencies such as Roscosmos are also doing this.

In a rcent appearance on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, Tim Peake, Britain’s most prestigious astronaut, revealed that UFOs may belong to extraterrestrial civilizations or even time travellers.

Peake was asked by morning show hosts what he thought about recent videos showing encounters between US military pilots and unidentified flying objects.

He also spoke about what he thinks about the government’s advances in disclosing information in this regard, such as the recent public hearing in Congress.

“I find it interesting that the US government has made this public; the report says there were more than 100 incidents calling them unidentified aerial phenomena or UAPs, Peake explained.

“There was a congressional hearing. Of course, there weren’t many answers to the questions because that’s the crux of the phenomenon. There’s still a lot to explain. But I think it’s good that there are discussions and that this information is available.”

As for the origin of these UAPs, Peake made it clear that he didn’t believe they were made by humans on Earth.

“I don’t think it’s a development of any nation or organization on Earth. I think when you watch the video, it’s pretty remarkable. It seems extraordinary what these machines are capable of,” he continued.

“There is no explanation for this. There are several theories as to whether it could be something that was developed in a classified program, but then why would this information be made public if that were the case?” “Is it some kind of robotic probe sent by another civilization? I heard a theory where a pilot was talking about the potential development of time travel in the future: Could they (UFOs) be travelers from our future?”

Peake isn’t the only one who believes that UFOs might be something not of this world or time.

Not long ago, Senator Mike Gallagher spoke about his thoughts on UFOs. His suggestion was that the objects are the result of technology from an enemy nation or objects of extraterrestrial origin.

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