Zuni confirm contact and alien origin: They are the original guardians of the world..

About 50 kilometers south of Gallup, in New Mexico, there are hidden secrets that intrigue researchers and historians… North.

They’ve lived in this same spot for nearly 2,000 years, and they’ve kept their secrets for a long time. They are one of the few cultures that actually haven’t shared as much with the rest of the people about their knowledge of the stars.

Most of Zuni history is recorded in the rocks of New Mexico. In this place are found strange arts of mysterious creatures different from anything we know.

Tribe researchers have pieced together several stories that are based on the belief that the creators and protectors of the tribe are supernatural creatures of extraterrestrial origin: “They came from the sky”.

These enigmatic drawings were made in 1200 BC and appear to show modern space travelers and their vehicles and ships.

David Childress (Author, Technology Of The Gods): “On the subject of petroglyphs, sometimes they are just squiggles. But other times we find clear representations of some kind of celestial god, some astronaut of the past. When you look into the culture of the Zuni people, that’s basically what they tell you, and these petroglyphs that we see are what the Zuni themselves called space beings.”

Cliffort Mahooty (Zuni): “Currently they are called UFOs \ UFOs, but in Zuni culture we have always been told that they are the original guardians of the upper world, in short, space. They are indeed beings from the heavens. Beings that have alien origin.”

Like different indigenous tribes, the Zuni call these celestial beings the Katchinas: The story of the creation of the Zunis relates that the Katchina gods descended from the heavens to bring the Zuni to this planet through a space portal.

Cliffort Mahooty (Zuni): “This portal was the gateway to the fourth world, the underworld. And that is the origin of where the Katchinas enter and leave our world. In this way, according to the reports, the Zuni were brought to the world of light – planet Earth. But I explain it as extraterrestrial beings coming out of space and arriving on Earth.”

Bill Birnes (Author \ UFO Investigator): “If you look at the poetry, legends and accounts of Native Americans, they all have stories of people who came from the stars – those who came from the heavens. The people from the stars arrived and seeded planet Earth with knowledge. They came in advanced flying craft. If you talk to the elders, they will declare that many believe in the existence of extraterrestrials.”

Dan Simplicio (Zuni \ Archaeologist): “I remember that my grandparents spoke of a flying ‘ship’ that had landed or crashed somewhere east of Gallup. There was no explanation for events like this at the time. The only thing they could guess was that it was a big shiny bird, as it was the only being that could fly for them.”

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