SCARY: A pale ‘humanoid’ creature was filmed lurking around a house at night in Kentucky

A pale “humanoid” figure has been caught crawling outside a home on a security camera in the Red River Gorge area of ​​Kentucky, and the internet wants to know, what is it?

The sighting was reported by multiple media outlets after it was posted to a Facebook group by a man named Douglas Windsor McLoney III last week.

McLoney, a resident of Morehead, Kentucky, claims the footage, including at least two videos, was taken from a security camera.

“This thing was captured on a security camera at one of the cabins in the canyon,” he said.

“I will try to show the original video,” he added. “There are two videos actually, and they show how the thing moves, and it doesn’t move like a human. He moves almost as if his kneecaps are backwards. Reminds me of Smeagle from Lord of the Rings. But in that last picture, you can see the ribs and pretty much the bones.”

What exactly is this “humanoid” figure that was caught on camera in Kentucky?

Some are speculating that the figure in the videos is some kind of new and unknown cryptid. Some believe it could be a person in a full body suit of some sort, a drug addict, or a mentally ill person. While others think it might just be an alien or a pale crawler.

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