Did a clash against aliens take place decades ago??

It is theorized (based on various information) that the Soviet Union was involved in a conflict with extraterrestrials. Russian contact with beings from other planets would have taken place during the 1940s and 1950s.

During that period, a large number of UFO sightings spread across the US, when reports of unidentified flying objects, strange men dressed in black and alien abductions appeared in large numbers in the most diverse media reporting the incidents.

Around the same period, the Soviets also began to report multiple contacts with alleged non-Earth beings, as well as receiving a very high number of reports of UFOs entering Russian airspace.

UFO investigator  Paul Stonehill  told the Daily Star Online:

“The Soviets were absolutely baffled that so many unidentified flying objects could fly over their borders and simply do what they wanted without the slightest control from the Kremlin.”

Paul Stonehill spoke with former military intelligence teams, government big names and Soviet experts to try to reveal more information about Soviet contacts with UFOs.

Throughout the  Cold War period  and during the ‘ space race ‘, Soviet forces repeatedly confronted UFOs.

Stonehill said:

“The Kremlin was very concerned, but they simply couldn’t do anything about it. They have joined efforts in several situations, when orders have been issued from high up to shoot down UFOs, or else local commanders would be penalized. However, it always ended disastrously for them.”

The researcher, whose articles have been published in 11 languages, highlighted a  culture of general secrecy  about the phenomenon in the Soviet Union.

The highest ranking people in the Kremlin reported any UFO reports to the public as “hoaxes carried out by Western forces”.

A secret study project, titled  SETKA , was established in 1977 after the Petrozavodsk phenomenon, in which 48 unidentified flying objects appeared in the skies of the Soviet Union.

The phenomenon reached its scariest point in the industrial city of Petrozavodsk, when a titanic luminous object appeared in the sky – apparently projecting columns of light towards the Earth.

The main aim of the project was to find out what the anomalous objects were – with Soviet authorities recognizing that the UFO could not be something made on Earth.

Stonehill reported that several of the program files remain inaccessible, but he added that they (the files) were sent and duly analyzed among the greatest military (from the most diverse areas) and scientific minds of the communist states.

Forms were also distributed to Soviet soldiers, sailors or pilots, all of whom reported close contact with UFOs in full detail.

A deadly encounter between an extraterrestrial spacecraft and Soviet military forces took place in 1953, shortly after Stalin’s death.

A UFO with an expressive size, appeared over Taiga, in Siberia. Soviet military sent a special detachment to the site. The moment the Soviet planes tried to approach the object, they completely burned up in mid-air, says Stonehill.

An important directive was released by Soviet forces during the mid-1960s, stating strict instructions: “Don’t shoot at UFOs, leave them alone”…

Stonehill said:

“These extraterrestrial entities would defend themselves and exterminate any units that fired at them. They simply disintegrated aircraft, and on some (few) occasions UFOs also acted first.

“No government wants to be weak in the face of a threat, and it reached a point where the Soviets were quite concerned about the situation.”

However, despite these more hostile contacts, he reports that most Soviet encounters were characterized by alien craft just ‘monitoring’ activities.

He said:

“It was basically like the Soviets were literally under a microscope. There was a lot of information of UFOs monitoring most, if not all, Soviet space launches. UFOs seemed to be aware of spaceports and even secret facilities.”

However, he adds that the main purpose of these beings (or UFOs) is still a mystery.

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