Blood Rhesus (RH) Negative you may belong to the Nephilim “A Race parallel to us humans”

Do you have your (RH) negative? If so then you may belong to a Nephilim group. Nephilim are a race parallel to us humans. With the help of technology new studies have shown that this rare blood group can be an indicator of non-human characteristics in your genetic makeup. 

In other words your Rh negative blood sets you apart from conventional homo sapiens DNA.

Before any violent or celebratory reactions, let’s find out what the origin of the word Nephilim is. In Hebrew its literal meaning is to fall, like a fallen angel.

If you check the Bible the Talmud and the Quran you will surely find the term Nephilim. In the book of Genesis of the Bible the Nephilim produced children with human beings. One creature, a Nephilim-human was even described as the one who killed Japheth son of Noah.

And it came to pass that like men began to multiply on the face of the earth  , and children were born to them.

Genetic experts cannot fully explain where the origin of this blood type may have originated. They cited extraterrestrials as most likely to be responsible.

Genetic experts believe that the Nephilim race have a higher than average IQ, are more sensitive in sight and other senses, are able to control body temperature, increase blood pressure, and possess psychic/intuitive abilities. blue, green or brown eyes, red or reddish hair, cannot be cloned and has extra vertebrae.

The population for the Rhesus negative   is already very special reaching only (15%) of the world population that are part of this interesting category. But what does negative Rhesus really mean? Of all the human blood types O is the most common. It is a universal blood type. Blood types are subdivided into two groups, negative and positive. This is called the RH factor. The designation “Rh” is an abbreviation of the name of the monkey “Rhesus”, in which scientists Landsteiner and Wiener identified for the first time the presence of the antigen that they called “Rh factor”.

Through this experiment carried out in 1940 with the rhesus monkey, it was also possible to verify the production of antibodies called “anti-Rh”.

To determine whether a person is Rh positive or negative, a solution with Rh antibodies must be added to a drop of blood from the person in question. If there is agglutination of red blood cells, the person has Rh+ if not, the person has Rh- blood.

The ABO System is essential because it indicates the four blood groups that exist in humans: A, B, AB and O. It is known that in human ABO blood groups, red blood cells have two types of antigens called agglutinogens, A and B. Plasma can have two antibodies (agglutinins), anti-A and anti-B.

The origin of the RH – blood type has intrigued scientists over the years. Could the source for the RH – sanguine really have come from humans from another planet? Or maybe we’re just as extraterrestrial as they are…

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