“Their ship was far superior to ours, it was huge – we were warned”, says Aldrin

During a documented symposium held by NASA, Buzz Aldrin stated that before his arrival the moon was already inhabited by other species, and in addition there were signs of coʟoɴιzᴀтιoɴ.

According to Aldrin, as soon as ᴀᴘoʟʟo11 arrived on the moon, its presence was noticed by an alien race. In fact, the aliens were very irritated by their presence and warned them to leave.

Aldrin went on to say that their ships were far superior in both size and technology. Obviously, NASA was committed at that time and couldn’t risk a panic on Earth. Furthermore, the moon’s surface was covered with strange structures and buildings that were not created by man. Some images are believed to exist, but the decision was made not to make them public for obvious reasons.

Is human exploration of the universe being regulated and conditioned by an alien race?

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