Tiny alien photographed in Santiago

Tiny alien crosses the street in Santiago, Chile, on May 10, 2004, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: May 10, 2004
Place of sighting: Parque Forestal, Santiago, Chile
Source: Germán Pereira / Corporación de Pesquisa de Fenômenos Aéreos (CIFAE), Chile

Researcher Erick Martínez, of CIFAE Chile (left) and the witness, Civil Engineer Germán Pereira.

This tiny alien looks a lot like the figures we found on Mars. In addition, the shape of the head is also identical. I guess not all Martians are dead. This one looks right at home in Santiago, likely wearing a cloaking device that was momentarily disabled.

Witness report, Civil Engineer Germán Pereira: I’m from Concepción and I’ve been working in Santiago for just over a year. On May 10th of this year I decided to take some pictures at Parque Forestal, taking about 10 pictures that I downloaded to my PC the next day. I found it interesting to photograph a group of Carabineros (state police) on horseback patrolling the sector. The photo was taken at approximately 5:40 pm from the corner of JM de la Barra and Av. Cardenal José María Caro, in front of Bellas Bellas Artes and looking east. It was an overcast day and the sun was out, so my digital camera (Kodak DX6490) set it to low speed (1/10 sec.).

That’s why the photo shows movement (those who understand photography know why). Furthermore, the Carabineros were about 20 meters away, and I used the camera’s optical zoom (10x) which increased the blurred result. The fact is that I am very impressed with this image. I certify that this is not fraud or anything similar. For this reason, I made it public and contacted the staff of CIFAE Chile. I would like to know the true nature of the image that appears in it and if anyone has already captured something similar in a photo. Just it.

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