Sheep Phenomenon in Chile?: Now Fish Rotate in a Nonstop Circle in Southern Chile (Videos)

A few days ago a mysterious video recorded in northern China went viral on Twitter. It is a flock of sheep that went around in circles for 12 days without stopping, an event that caught the attention of thousands of users .

A strange phenomenon that is repeated today, but with fish and no less than here in Chile specifically in the region of La Araucanía.

The video located in a river in Pucón shows how a group of fish swim in circles for several minutes, as evidenced by some visitors who were touring the site.

From the comments of the publication, many interpreted this video as a “signal” saying:  “Something big is coming to the planet, apparently”, “I wonder if they capture something from the sun that we do not capture”, “It must be something that animals notice and we don’t”, are some of them.

However, on the other hand, users guarantee that it is normal: “It is a normal defense behavior of fish, the same happens with other animals” , “Bass swimming in circles… what next? Dogs barking?…” , “It’s normal, because the fish are looking for where to spawn, years of seeing this in the rivers.” What do you think?

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