Retired US Navy commander shares some photos of alien spacecraft from 1989

Photographs of UFOs or alien encounters have been circulating the Internet for a long time. However, it is difficult to find legitimate photos that prove the existence or connection of humans with extraterrestrial beings. However, this past week, the Internet has been buzzing with these photos of alien spacecraft. Can the truth about human-alien interaction finally be revealed?

Retired US Navy commander Graham Bethune has posted several photos that show what appears to be an aircraft used by aliens. He “leaked” these photos because he believes the truth is more important than his reputation or position.

The photos were taken by a US Navy commander who served aboard the USS Bigelow, a US Navy oceanographic research vessel decommissioned in 1989. While Commander Christopher Mellon was working on the computer outside his office, he noticed something that looked like one of the spaceship aliens from the movie ‘ET’ hovering not far away. He took a few pictures before she disappeared and archived them in case they became important one day.

On December 7, 1989, a retired US Navy commander recently shared what may be authentic photos of alien spacecraft sometime in 1989. The commander claimed that he received the photos from an unnamed military intelligence officer and was later assigned to collect information about UFO sightings around the world. world.

The retired US Navy commander did not release any names or documents to support his claim, but said they were taken near a remote area in Nevada, near Las Vegas. He also claims that these are just a few of dozens of other images that show extraterrestrial activity on Earth.

In a recent interview, retired US Navy commander Ramon Mercader revealed a story about a UFO sighting he made in 1989. The event took place during the last days of his military career, when he was tasked with transporting maritime rescue throughout the country.

Ramon came across what appeared to be a crashed plane on the highway. He stopped the car to investigate and then realized that it was actually an alien spacecraft that had crashed because of the intensity of the light. He described it as having “a huge, round top with eight windows and three lights on each side”.

He snapped a few photos before time ran out and then went back to report to his superiors. When asked why he didn’t take pictures, Ramon replied that “it would have taken too long”.

The images he shared were captured in 1989. A friend who declined to be identified sent these photos to him. According to his friend, he took these photos in an unidentified rural area outside Nashville, Tennessee.

Two photos of alien spacecraft show intense circular lights emitted as the craft appears to be taking off. The photographer said he was ready to take some shots of the night sky when the strong strobe lights caught his eye. As a photographer, it’s something he can’t miss. So he approached the mountain to take his pictures. He was using a Canon T-90 and a Canon AE-1. It was around 9 pm when it all happened.

He said he was almost four miles away, but he still felt some hits from the aircraft.

These photos of alien spacecraft are just two of the many photos that so-called US Military Whistleblowers have released. These photos aim to expose another type of intelligence unknown to humans. However, no official claims or statements have been released that would make these photos legitimate or authentic. For fans of subjects about extraterrestrial beings, these photos are like treasures; however, it is still important to determine whether these photos are real or not, as the internet is full of photoshopped or fabricated photos these days.

Despite all these claims, the US military and the government, in general, remain silent on this matter, which further fuels people’s interest and curiosity.

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