NASA calculated the exact date of the end of the world

People have always been obsessed with finding out what comes after death, and some have even calculated the end of the world as we know it. Previously, people thought that the world would end on December 12, 2012 according to the Mayan calendar. However, that time has passed and humanity is still here.

Several other predictions turned out to be hoaxes, as long as they were from unreliable sources. But as interest in this topic grows, major institutions are trying to predict the end of the world.

Among these institutions is the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. He performed more than 400 computer simulations to determine the death date of all life on Earth. And the results say that in 1,000,002,021 years, Earth will be completely uninhabitable and swallowed up by the Sun.

In these simulations, scientists tried to figure out when solar radiation would destroy Earth’s atmosphere. Of course, various factors shifted the date in their simulations, but given the consistencies shown by most of the results, they’re pretty sure the Earth will cease to exist around that time frame.

However, several factors can affect this time frame that scientists have not considered. After all, the future of human existence is not set in stone. As long as humanity continues to follow its paths, the term will continue to change as its activities impact the environment.

Given the current state of the world, scientists believe that waiting for that 1 billion year timeframe is unnecessary. Humanity can no longer feel completely safe on Earth and needs to act collectively and radically to save civilization from destruction. And finding a way to ensure its survival is necessary.

There are many different dates put forward by different religious groups as the doomsday date, the most popular being October 28, 2012. NASA has calculated that we are only 54 years away from the end of the world as we know it.

Earth was originally created in 4004 BC. NASA’s “Calculator” is a program that calculates the life and death of the world.

When we talk about the end times, we are talking about a nuclear war or when there will be no more life on Earth. We may not know the exact date, but we can roughly calculate how long it will take for everything to disappear.

NASA’s Life and Death Calculator gives us insight into how long it will take us to live our lives before it’s too late and there’s no more hope.

In the year 2012, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory calculated that on December 21st the world would end. Scientists thought there was a one in three chance that the planet would be hit by an asteroid that day.

The original article has been removed from NASA’s website, but can still be found in Internet archives.

Everyone thought they were just kidding, but it was later calculated that an asteroid would actually hit the Earth in December 2012 at 7:40 am GMT / 8:40 pm EST, making the Earth inhospitable to humans and animals alike. Furthermore, some people believe that the asteroid is not just an ordinary space rock, but is actually a starship on a mission to Earth. The Cydonia complex on Mars.

Despite these uncertainties that the future will bring, experts are sure that we need to look for a new planet to exist. For now, we do not have a definitive solution that will lead humanity to a new and healthier frontier. But, with a deadline of 1 billion years ahead, experts are certain that a way to save life on Earth will be found.

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