Aliens on Earth: A Mysterious Alien Antenna Was Found Under the Sea

Antarctica is the last real desert on our planet. Once we explore this frozen continent, we will better understand human history. However, this 5.5 million square mile ice landscape is huge. But with the recent discovery that could prove the existence of aliens on Earth, perhaps we need to explore its waters as well.

In 1964, the Eltanin, a Soviet icebreaker, found an unusual antenna while exploring Antarctica. Since then, it has been the subject of many theories that geologists believe the antenna is from an extraterrestrial civilization.

In the 1960s and 1970s, two events took place that made people wonder about life on other planets – NASA’s Apollo Moon Landings and a dramatic discovery in Antarctica. In 1964, Eltanin found something strange in Antarctica. The antenna was about three meters long and had a rounded end. It was covered with the powdery efflorescence of calcium carbonate. When first discovered, scientists suggested it could be any of these five possibilities:

1) A meteorite 2) An iceberg 3) A volcano 4) A glacier 5) Alien technology

The antenna had a metallic hexagonal shape and was about 4 centimeters wide. It had five very small holes on top of a circular one in the middle, which acted as the subject’s eye. It looks like the object is a microphone, but why would aliens use this type of device for communication?

This strange object became known as “the mysterious alien antenna” or “the Eltanin Antenna”. People have speculated that it could have been from some sort of extraterrestrial life and what we now know as aliens actually used this device to communicate with other people, sending messages through it.

The mystery of the Eltanin antenna is an example of the many things that scientists have been able to learn about our extraterrestrial visitors. In 1964, the Soviet Union sent a radio telescope to a remote region of Antarctica. There, they found an 8 meter wide metallic sphere with an antenna on top.

This discovery led to much speculation about what it might be and what use it might have been put to.

If we want to look for the best place to look for well-preserved remains of aliens on Earth, Antarctica is the best place to start. The climate in this area is the biggest and most efficient factor that can help preserve ancient alien technology without letting the elements damage it.

While the objects hidden under the snow on this continent are potentially surprising discoveries, the artifacts hidden under its deep oceans would be easier to find. And that’s how the spacecraft found the mysterious alien antenna in today’s story.

Eltanin found a misplaced object deep within the icy, black waters of this massive block of ice. Dubbed the Eltanin Antenna, we would never have found it without the help of the massive Eltanin, a 2,000-tonne icebreaker.

This machine was originally a cargo-carrying icebreaker used by the US Navy. Once the ship finished her missions, she was repurposed as an Oceanographic Research vessel. She was also the first ship dedicated to Antarctic research in 1962.

On August 29, 1964, the ship sampled and photographed the seabed. It then took the first known photo of the alien antenna. The discovery was hidden from the public and was not made public until several months later. Since then, several other investigations have been carried out to understand the alien antenna. However, most of them were carried out in secret.

The only things we know about the Eltanin are what the ship took. And some experts have tried to discredit its alien origin. These skeptics claimed that it was a carnivorous sponge that lived at the bottom of the continent’s icy sea. However, the only evidence they used to support their claims is the same.

To date, no one has been able to explain what this suspicious-looking object on the bottom of the Antarctic sea is.

If you want to know more about the Eltanin antenna, watch the video below.

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