Argentina’s famous dentist claims to know an alien

The biggest question since man began to study and dream of exploring space has been: are we alone in the universe? Is there life on other planets?

Today many confirm this theory that if there is life on other planets, they have visited Earth, unidentified flying objects have been seen and photographed and many have interacted with them.

Eyewitness account of a close encounter

Patricio Barrancos, Argentine dentist and professor, declared that “without a doubt, extraterrestrial life exists. And they live among us.”

He also mentioned to journalist Julio Lagos from InfoBae that it is necessary for people who have lived on Earth to be aware that we are not alone, that perhaps this planet can be shared with those who cannot find another world to inhabit.

He guarantees that the governments are aware, but do not want the news to be known, although he mentioned that the world announcement is close and that this news will make humanity turn around.

He stated that in the year 2000 he was in contact and spoke with an alien who comes from a planet in the solar system, who came in one of the groups that arrived and stayed in various regions of the planet earth.

they are not that different

Doctor Patricio Barrancos who are similar to humans and have nothing to do with the characters shown in Spielberg’s films. They are scaleless, green and small. What he confirmed is that they have outstanding characteristics.

Mention that there are different “races” or types of aliens. The grays who are benevolent and the reptilians who are hostile are the ones who kidnap people and animals to survive.

He also says that in other galaxies there are three levels of intellectual development and that people on planet Earth are at the lowest level and those at the highest level come to see what we do.

An experience that cost you

Being completely unprofessional, having revealed that I live with an extraterrestrial he has betrayed problems to Dr. Barrancos, one of them has been that when telling his experience of him to his family he han left alone so much that today it is difficult to communicate with his brothers.

There are still people who refuse to think that there might be life on other planets or galaxies, much less accept that someone they know confirms that they have had contact or seen aliens. The truth is that we are not alone and they are among us.

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