Wikileaks Discovers A Battle Between Aliens And The US In Antarctica

It is not surprising that there are so many secrets in Antarctica, especially since it has been the main object of exploration by some US military. However, recent strange reports can tell us that there is a strong possibility that a major war between aliens and humans is being fought in the Southern Ocean. Is it really happening?

Many are familiar with the story of Admiral Richard Byrd, who led at least 4,000 American troops to Great Britain and Australia on an important expedition. However, nobody knew that during this expedition called Operation Highjump Admiral Byrd and his soldiers encountered a massive invasion of aliens in their flying saucers in Antarctica.

It is estimated that it is currently entirely possible for there to be a war where the US military and aliens with flying saucers that can travel at 25,000 kilometers per hour have a war. That’s because they want fresh water from our planet, because their planet doesn’t have it. However, it is something that can have serious consequences for us, including tsunamis.

According to Robert Bigelow an American businessman who collaborated extensively with NASA he claims that there is a strong possibility that aliens exist and he is sticking to it. He even says that they live near us and that they have been orbiting Earth for years and even visit us from time to time. That is, we could have direct contact with them without really knowing.

According to Bigelow it is a completely credible possibility. Although he didn’t say it directly, maybe he knows a lot more than he says but it’s impossible for him to communicate due to the restrictions that NASA and the government impose on him. Of course, for many years this has been a common denominator among US officials.

Bigelow is a very trustworthy person for NASA and if he claims that aliens exist why not believe him? If he obtains completely confidential information from this entity, it is because he has certainly already had the opportunity to see documents that are not presented to the public, so his knowledge is much broader. Surely he is giving us signs that aliens exist.

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