Scientists search for alleged ‘extraterrestrial spaceship that crashed’ off Australian coast

The search began for a “crashed alien spacecraft” off the coast of Australia.

Scientists Search for Supposed ‘Extraterrestrial Spaceship That Crashed’ Off Australian Coast© Provided by BANG Showbiz

Astrophysicist Avi Loeb believes that a meteor from outside our solar system that fell in 2014 is actually extraterrestrial technology.

The scientist was fully funded for a £1.9 million (approximately R$12 million in current conversion) mission to find the alleged “UFO” that is at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.

“Our discovery of an interstellar meteor heralds a new frontier of research. The fundamental question is whether any interstellar meteors can indicate a composition that is unambiguously artificial in origin,” Loeb said.

“Even better, perhaps some technological components would survive the impact,” he added.

NASA says the unidentified meteor flew across the sky at over 100,000 miles per hour before hitting Earth near Manus Island in Papua New Guinea.

“The material is more resistant than iron. The question is whether it’s just an unusual rock or maybe a spacecraft.”

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