Duovizinhense captures images of UFOs in the sky of Francisco Beltrão.

It is not new that several people report sightings of UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) in various parts of Brazil and the world.

Many speculations realize that they are possibly spaceships occupied by extraterrestrials, but the life of other beings outside the earth has never been confirmed.

 Image Vanderlei Nascimento no Jô

On the morning of last Wednesday, November 16, Vanderlei do Nascimento, a popular “Carioca” from Duovizinho, who works with topography on the construction site of the highway in Contorno Noroeste, in Francisco Beltrão, caught a glimpse through the lens of his cell phone camera , a UFO, while doing its routine work.

From the photo, it is possible to see that the weather was good at the time, a sunny morning, without any clouds and the round-shaped object is visibly highlighted in the blue sky.

In an interview, he said that these photos are part of his work routine and that they are sent at the end of each week, in a company group.

However, he had not noticed the object in the photo, he only found out because the company’s Engineer, when reviewing the images in the group, noticed that there was something strange in the photo and sent him a message. “I took the photos on Wednesday and on Friday, as usual, I sent them all to our company group.

Still on Friday, our Engineer sent me a message asking if I had seen that object that appeared in the photo. I said I hadn’t noticed.

At the time I even thought it was a montage he had made to troll me. It was then that I took out my cell phone to search the gallery to see if it wasn’t a montage, and indeed it wasn’t.”

Karyoka also stressed that he always liked UFO-related subjects and was impressed by the photo. “Man, I always liked the theme – Unidentified Flying Objects. 

I’ve always been curious about extraterrestrial life, planets, etc and I was blown away by what I saw in that photo I took. I don’t know exactly what it could be, but it doesn’t seem to be something common.”

Now the question remains: what was flying over Francisco Beltrão’s sky that morning. Would it be any object, carried by the wind or would it be a flying saucer?


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