Retired Area 51 Employee Gets Drunk in Las Vegas and Tells the Truth

After falling ill in Las Vegas, a retired Area 51 employee makes some surprising revelations. How long do you think it will be before he ‘mysteriously’ disappears?

If you needed any more proof about the shady practices at the world’s most infamous facility where alien technology is developed and tested, you’ve got it. Just listen to this story come from a retired Area 51 employee who got too drunk for his own safety and proceeded to spill some highly sensitive grain.

The story is told through the memory of a vlogger who lived next door to a man who drank too much. The drunk once held a position in the US military, and during his involvement with Uncle Sam, he saw some disturbing things at Area 51. That’s probably why he started drinking.

The vlogger was intrigued by his neighbor’s past and kept pestering him for information about aliens and UFOs, but the man always avoided his questions. But then, one night, when the entire neighborhood was dark due to a power outage, the former Area 51 employee was drunk enough to stop caring about his promise not to divulge confidential information.

The vlogger and the military man were looking at the night sky and all of a sudden the first one says:

Hey, do you see Orion’s belt? You see how you see two stars that are straight, very parallel to each other and there is a small star that is slightly adjacent to the left… Well, the evil aliens live in that adjacent star.”

By his admission, the stereotypical gray aliens with bulbous heads and dark, almond-shaped eyes are actually the good guys. The malevolent ones are tall, dark and “fragrant”. Sounds like a reptilian description, so the man’s story backs it up.

When the vlogger asked how aliens – good and bad – manage to bridge the immense gap between their worlds and ours, the military told him that their ships were advanced enough to generate energy from a vacuum. The legendary zero-point energy that would solve all of our energy needs is in the hands of extraterrestrials and the government has been shaking hands with them for a long time.

The UFOs seen by the former employee use this energy to power a device mounted on the front of his ship, capable of distorting space-time in such a way that interstellar travel is accomplished almost instantaneously. Whistleblowers like Bob Lazar   have made similar public claims   relating to the way ETs travel, so there may be some truth behind one man’s drunken admission that he has allegedly seen aliens and their machines.

Update Feb 20, 2018: Sorry for the inconvenience. We noticed that yet another video was removed from youtube and the account was closed. Therefore, the above video is no longer available for viewing. If you find another video please update us with the link. Thanks.

As for the vlogger who brought us the story, he said that should government officials ever see his UFO video, he would very much like to stay alive. Now that the video has been viewed over 1.7 million times, there’s a high chance that some men in black suits will come knocking on your door.

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