They discover a “strange U-shaped object on Mars” (Video)

The discovery was recently published by researcher Jean Ward. An anomaly he discovered on May 31, 2022, measuring approximately 10 meters in diameter.

It looks like a U-shaped object that hit the surface of Mars at a very low angle and left a trench behind.

The U-shaped object measures between 10 and 12 meters in diameter, it could even be a shiny rock… but this has been ruled out.

What is clear is that this glow suggests the supposed spacecraft was discovered when the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter passed overhead taking pictures of the planet.

What is happening on the planet Mars or in its vicinity?

Another disk-shaped craft crashed in Ceti Mensa, in the Valles Marineris region. It happened a long time ago, but this one, on the contrary, seems more recent due to the brightness you see.

The image where the anomaly was found can be seen on the official NASA website dedicated to the MRO HiRISE camera. You can find several versions of different quality.

So could it be that we are dealing with an alien craft that crashed on the Martian surface?

Anything is possible, as the physiognomy indicates that the glow it emits is recent and it could be a flying object, but everything fits into the world of speculation.

As always, NASA must have a more mundane explanation for such a “geological accident”… What do you think? Is this object really a spacecraft or just an anomalous rock?

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