Future humans? The Possible “Truth” About Extraterrestrials

Investigations related to extraterrestrials and UFOs have fostered different theories. However, there is one that even the scientific community saw as possible. Would it be the humans of the future?

Future humans? The possible truth about extraterrestrials

Future humans traveled to our time in search of genetic material.

According to different testimonies of people who have met extraterrestrials, in addition to the studies and investigations carried out, there is the possibility that these beings are humans from the future.

This controversial theory has been present even in the scientific debates of recent years, which would open up a whole universe of possibilities to explain the existence of UFOs.

Aliens could be the humans of the future

Why do aliens communicate in our languages? How can you access our atmosphere without any problem? Why do they go out of their way to study us genetically?

They are supposed to be more advanced civilizations, technologically and biologically. So what is your interest in Earth and humanity?

Maybe it’s because its origin is not just like what we believe and provengan de la Tierra. Obviously, in de la «nuestra», bell with miles of años más.

This theory suggests that the extraterrestrials and UFOs that have been seen for years are actually humans from the future. The reasons for visiting us can be many, however, it is more likely that your future is in ruins and on the verge of extinction.

These beings would travel to our present and participate in clandestine DNA, cell, sperm and egg harvesting programs to try to save what fell from their world.

Knowing that people of the 20th and 21st centuries had a strong belief in extraterrestrial life, they decided to adopt these «forms» and camouflage themselves, so that we could not discover their real identity.

Revealing testimony?

Future humans? The possible truth about extraterrestrials
Jim Penniston revealed that the future would be in danger of extinction.

Jim Penniston, one of the military witnesses to the most important UFO incident in England, at the famous Redenlesham Forest meeting in Suffolk, stated something related to this topic. This event occurred in 1980, however Penniston underwent hypnotic regression in 1994 as part of an attempt to recall the memories his head had suppressed.

During hypnosis, he declared that what he thought were extraterrestrials, were humans from the future Lejano.

«It is very dark, in infinitely deep problems, contaminated and where the Human Race is overwhelmingly affected by reproductive problems».

Penniston guesses about this problem thanks to one of those humans from the future he met in the forest.

But how did they manage to travel through time? It’s something even the military knows, you could never tell.

There are several hypotheses that could explain this, one of them is the agujeros gusano, a term coined in 1957 by the theoretical physicist John Wheeler.

A gusano agujero is, basically, a space and a time interval. Even though they couldn’t be 100% confirmed by science, they haven’t been ruled out.

Obviously, this is a bad theory that, like many others, also has some insights. Until it closes there is no possibility of traveling in space what humans from the future have traveled to our days.

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