Alien corpses were transferred on cranes after the Roswell incident

A retired police officer recently claimed that he saw 4 alien corpses being moved with a crane after the Roswell Incident.

Alien corpses were transferred on cranes in the Roswell Incident: Shocking statements from a retired police officer

During an interview, former Deputy Sheriff  Charles H. Forgus  , of Howard County, Texas, recounted how he traveled to Roswell to pick up a prisoner alongside Sheriff Jess Slaughter. There he witnessed how  4 alien corpses were transferred  on a crane.

Sighting of 4 alien corpses

During the night  of July 2, 1947  , Forgus witnessed 4 alien corpses with large eyes and brown skin being taken away by military personnel.

He stated that when they arrived, the land was  guarded by many soldiers  . Behind, another team dragged a creature.

He made sure they didn’t let them get too close. So they went straight to the prisoner in Roswell and back.

The  UFO  had already crashed and the bodies were being removed from the craft. He assured that the number of soldiers was around 400. They didn’t let anyone near, they had even  evicted those who lived nearby.

He described the UFO as a “big round thing”  measuring about 30 meters  . He said he saw the lights go out as he hit the creek wall.

Regarding the bodies, he said that he saw the legs of some of them, which were  similar to ours  . Some were scattered into the ravine and the  military  loaded them onto tow trucks to haul them away.

They used a crane to lift them and place them on the truck. These measured about  1.5 meters  . His eyes looked like  the ones on television  and his skin was a tanned brown, like he’d been out  in the sun for a long time  .

The retired police officer assured that he does not know where the 4 alien corpses were taken. Whether to a hospital or somewhere else.

He spent between  20 to 30 minutes  looking at the alien corpses, despite this, the officers did not tell him anything.

UFO researcher Philip Mantle  , who has investigated the Roswell incident for decades, said he is “open-minded” to the story.
Alien corpses were transferred on cranes in the Roswell Incident: Shocking statements from a retired police officer

private investigation

The interview with Forgus dates back to 1999 and was done by Los Angeles private investigator  Deanna Short  .

The interview was recorded on video and later transcribed. Deanne completed her report  by checking  the story with the Police Agency.

“Sheriff Jess Slaughter and Deputy Sheriff Charles Forgus were traveling together in early July 1947 from Texas to Roswell to pick up a prisoner when they came across the scene of the Roswell crash in New Mexico.”

According to  Mackenzie Christian  , Deanne’s daughter, Charles made a special effort for the investigator to understand and not believe other versions of what happened in  Roswell  . Since he was sure they would deny it.

The report is currently in Christian’s hands, along with the  video of the interview  .

It should be noted that the investigator checked the background of both police officers, both in police reports and with their family members. Thus, she concluded that  she was not closed to the idea  that what Forgus had said was not real.

“I dare say that many of those who know more about the Roswell incident than I do have dismissed it as it does not fit the known scenario of the Roswell accident.

All I will say is that I am working on trying to find more information and I am leaving this “Roswell File” open.”

Many mysteries remain about the Roswell Incident. Is it possible that this officer actually saw 4 alien corpses during the crash?

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