The Ancient Book of Enoch Was Banned in the Bible – Includes Fallen Angels, Giants, and a Warning to Humanity

The Book of Enoch is just one of many books in the Bible that have been banned and found to be false, this is true of many books in the Bible as they are very difficult to understand, contain many errors and are just plain wrong.

However, the book of Enoch is another case, there are little to no errors, the language and grammar used is the same as the Bible, it talks about angels and guardians and the end of the world just like the Bible, so why was it banned with the others?

Enoch is supposedly the grandfather of Noah, a very important character in the Bible, who was in contact with God all along. That goes for Enoch too, except in his book he talks about more sinister things.

In the book, quite often, fallen angels are mentioned, angels who came to Earth and did the forbidden, slept with human women, giving life to sinister giants, yes giants, giants are also an important theory in the Book of Enoch, which is never mentioned in the Bible. Does it also talk about the end of the world?


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