“NASA Oversight” Exposes a UFO Crash on Mars

A strange finding in a recent NASA photo suggests these visitors weren’t just looking at Earth. See what we found on our neighbor Mars:

Mars, March 2006, The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter begins its mission to study the Red Planet’s atmosphere and terrain. Since then, the Orbiter has taken nearly 7 million photographs of the Martian surface.

But it wasn’t until 2021 that anyone noticed that it’s a pair of long parallel lines with indentations that lead to what appears to be a disc. A closer look shows that the Crescent Edge is in perfect shape.

George Haas, director of the Cydonia Institute, explains what all the fuss is about, a South African investigator says he found what appeared to be the remains of a UFO crash.

If so, he was looking at Mars because there was a civilization there, he says many believe ancient civilizations, including one called The Cydonians, lived on Mars.

Since they thrived on the red planet, there’s a lot of evidence that there are pyramidal structures and all kinds of mounds, formations on the planet that don’t look normal.

One formation in particular, the famous paratopia parrot that was taken by NASA, has over 22 anatomical practice points that go far beyond any natural formation.

But Haas believes that the Sidonians disappeared from Mars millions of years ago after a war that led to nuclear Armageddon, so who could this craft belong to?

Some believe that the gray aliens crashed at Roswell and that they may also have lost control of one of their vehicles on Mars. Could it really be the edge of a flying saucer?

Look at the outer edge, this would be the crash path and it sure doesn’t look natural. Astrophotographer Andrew McCarthy said that for billions of years our solar system has been bombarded with objects.

Could it be a meteor that fell from the sky like on the surface of the moon? However, in this particular path leading to the object, it can be seen that the object itself is still intact.

So how can we explain the disk’s smooth crescent shape? It is speculated that it could be the heat shield of a probe that has been ejected to the Martian surface since the 1960s.

This object doesn’t appear to have gotten here through natural processes, its shape and the way it seemed to fit into a landscape is completely different from any other object we’ve seen on the Martian surface.

But as to what this object is, we can only speculate, so it looks like we have another split decision, for now, until we can take a closer look and confirm what’s there, we’ll say that it really is a UFO crash, a UFO. accident.

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