Hundreds of sheep walk in circles for days and nobody knows why

British veterinarians do not rule out that sheep suffer from listeriosis, a bacterial disease that affects the brain.

Hundreds of sheep walked in a circle continuously for 12 days in northern China’s Inner Mongolia region, People’s Daily reported on Nov. 16.

The strange behavior, captured by the CCTV camera, shows the herd walking clockwise in an almost perfect circle.

The People’s Daily reported that the sheep were healthy and the cause of the strange behavior remains a mystery.

The owner of the herd, identified as Mrs. Miao, said that the show was started by some sheep before the others joined, according to the British portal Metro .

Although there are 34 stalls on the farm, only those in stall 13 have been acting this way.

Specialists from the British veterinary company Molecare Farm Vets point out that the exact cause of this behavior is not known, but they do not rule out that it is the effects of listeriosis, a bacterial disease.

This condition causes inflammation on one side of the brain, causing animals to walk in circles or suffer paralysis on the affected side.

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