Strange crash of an “unknown object” on the Moon (Video)

A strange accident occurred on the Moon, forming 2 large craters. Astronomers are unclear and do not know where the crashed craft came from, nor why it replicated in 2 different areas. Could it have been a UFO?

Strange crash of an unknown object on the Moon baffles scientists

NASA astronomers   discovered the body of a strange rocket headed for an  imminent collision  with the Moon last year. Causing a bizarre accident.

Mysterious moon crash

The impact occurred on March 4, 2022, when  NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter  later detected the   resulting crater .

Surprisingly, the crater is actually 2 holes of 18 meters in diameter, which overlap a western crater of 16 meters in diameter.

The double crater was unexpected and may indicate that the rocket body had  large masses at either end  .

Typically, a spent rocket has mass concentrated at the end of the engine. The rest of the rocket stage consists mainly of an empty fuel tank.

No other rocket body impacts on the  Moon  have created double craters. The four craters on  Apollo SIV-B  had a somewhat irregular outline.

In addition, they were substantially larger,  around 35 meters  . Therefore,  they do not correspond  to any of the craters.

The maximum width, 29 meters of the mysterious unknown body’s double crater, was very close to the  crater  of SIV.B.
Strange crash of an unknown object on the Moon baffles scientists

Wasn’t it a land rocket?

That means it wasn’t an ordinary rocket. This was hinted at by NASA in a press release  published on June 24th  .

The origin of the body of the mysterious rocket that caused the strange accident remains uncertain. None of Earth ‘s space-exploring nations   claimed credit or blame for the event.

As the object could not be identified, it means it was an unidentified flying object.

However, NASA, as expected,  did not admit  that it was a UFO that crashed on the Moon.

Experts continue to investigate the strange crash as theories continue to emerge. Is it possible that NASA is really hiding that a UFO crashed on the Moon? What would they gain from it?

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