“Alien ships are patrolling the Solar System” (Video)

American and Russian space probes have mysteriously disappeared in recent decades. There is even evidence of attacks on our Earth ships, which is why experts suggest that alien ships patrol the planets.

The theory that the Solar System is not just ours has been gaining ground over the years. Recent events suggest that there are alien ships patrolling the planets .

This raises many questions: are these planets yours and why do you defend them? Or, on the other hand, are we considered a threat ?

Alien ships patrolling other planets

There is a lot of evidence of ancient civilizations on the lunar and martian surface. Ground probes have caught glimpses of alien bases and structures .

Red sand from Mars spreads through half-buried and decommissioned structures . Furthermore, there are alien ships patrolling and monitoring human activity on these worlds.

For example, the former NASA Space Shuttle , now retired, flew several missions where astronauts were chased by disc-shaped UFOs. Each of these objects displayed a distinct indentation on the back of the ship.

Astronauts aboard the International Space Station have also witnessed mysterious UFOs. In fact, even NASA couldn’t interpret what it saw.

Some researchers suggest they are patrol craft that constantly watch over military installations, space missions and slow human progress.

They point out that these superior civilizations are not “happy” with humanity’s actions. There is evidence that was presented by former NASA employee Ken Johnston , which caused a stir in the space agency. They show samples of alien structures on the Moon.

Added to this was the attack suffered by the Soviet Union’s Phobos II space probe . The cylindrical object more than 20 kilometers long was captured by the space probe patrolling Mars .

extraterrestrial structures

Since the 1800’s, strange occurrences have been sighted on some neighboring planets. Domes and lights traveling across the Moon . Mysterious flashes emerging from clouds on Venus or anomalous features appearing and disappearing on the Martian surface.

Now, more than half a century into the space age, the massive amount of evidence is still being archived. Hidden from the public .

The data collection shows unmistakable images of an immense extraterrestrial presence that may stretch many light years across the Sagittarius Arm of the Milky Way.

Likewise, a massive alien moon base was discovered inside the Delisle crater. The image was published by NASA itself and was taken by the crew of Apollo 16 .

On the NASA page it is found as “figure 199”. There are craters, Delisle and Diophantus , the first being on the top right.

When the image is enlarged, very strange structures that look artificial can be seen located at the base of the crater, at the bottom. Magnification does not degrade the image too much and allows analysis of the high resolution image and the artifacts present.

It consists of 2 huge structures , which on the left look like a question mark. This is not an error in the picture, as the structure is three-dimensional and kilometers long , where you can see walls and architecture that is very easy to distinguish.

It is possible that advanced civilizations have structures that serve as bases for alien ships. In this way, all planets in the Solar System would be patrolled… including Earth.

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