DEADLINE – Chico Xavier Warned Us About UFO Appearances!

The Limit Date theory states that if humanity does not achieve some goals by a certain date, very strange things will happen, such as terrible conflicts and even visits from aliens. Is your prophecy being fulfilled? In this video, our dear Ivan Lima tells you some evidence that can confirm this feared theory.

Chico Xavier was an important Brazilian medium, who gained relevance worldwide for his predictions and spiritual works such as psychographics, for example. As soon as we entered the year 2019, many people started talking about the Deadline, a day marked on the calendar of those who follow Chico’s trajectory as being a real leap for the planet.

But would it be the end of the world? The apocalypse? Not really. During Pinga-Fogo, a program on the now defunct TV Tupi, the medium revealed to the public the need to leave behind wars and other conflicts harmful to the planet in the next 50 years from the date on which man stepped on the Moon — July 21 from 1969.

Only then, would we reach a new era, a new moment for the planet to grow in harmony and full of love. According to his words, if we did not enter into a war of extermination by July 20, 2019 in case a third world war, we could expect extraordinary achievements of human science. “That way we will have, who knows, the possibility of getting in touch with other communities in our galaxy”, stated the medium during the program.

Márcia Fernandes, Sensitive: 

Chico Xavier explained that with the man arriving on the Moon 50 years ago, there was advice from higher people and from other worlds there in the astral, with the intention of helping the Earth. We would then have a period of 50 years — which expires now — to avoid problems such as wars, natural disasters of all kinds and disharmonies.

If man did not exercise love during those years, a third world war would ensue. But before that happens even the most advanced ETs would be on our planet to help us. I have no doubt that ET exists, that they are coming to help us and that starting this year we will try to bring a cure for all diseases as well.

Even with all the bad things that have happened and are happening, it seems to me that man has managed to keep planet Earth from exploding. But why this intervention? The peoples of other planets know that if a war breaks out, the Earth’s axis will change and we will move out of place, as will all the planets. With an atomic bomb, the fear they had is that we would end all planetary alignment and that’s why they were willing to help us. That’s what I understand as Deadline. Source:

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