Aliens Will Attack Earth In December, Say Ufologists

And, guys, it looks like it will this time, see? But the world is so wrong that we bet we aliens want to take over the Earth

We have survived many conspiracy theories that claim the world would end in the end. The last of these involving extraterrestrials was in September, when the British newspaper Daily Star claimed that an alien invasion would occur and would change one or two future terrestrials.

To the dismay of many, this did not happen. However, a new theory guarantees that the extraterrestrial attack was scheduled for December. The information is from the Russian newspaper Gazeta Daily, which claims that several ufologists have been detecting the intense activity of celestial bodies around the Earth for a few months and this would be a warning that the green creatures (or not) would be cheating!

It is not confirmed that on December 16, a 5 km-long asteroid will pass by our planet. For these scholars, the event will remain to attack two ETs, which will start in Russia.

And the hole is much deeper, see? Revelation 13 channel donor T Chase believes that Vladimir Putin, the current Russian president, is a kind of “chosen one”. Open your eyes, Harry Potter!

Chase claims that on the day Russia was elected, the planets lined up in a cross shape. This sign would speak directly like the Biblical Apocalypse, which would take place in December now. “Aliens will invade Earth and the Third World War will begin”, guarantees or psychic.

Ufologists still believe that this movement of celestial bodies around the planet is just a trick of two ETs to distract us humans. to be? Well, we don’t doubt the intelligence of intergalactic creatures… Do you also love a conspiracy involving aliens?

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